Providing Medical Care

The Guerrero Clinic provides eyedental and other medical care to the indigent people within the state of Chihuahua and other parts of Mexico. 

We serve multiple populations including Mexican, Mennonite, and Tarahumara Indians.

We provide volunteer opportunities for medical and non-medical people, adults, students (high school age and up) and families. It is a great experience for parent/child or grandparent/child to share. 

While this is a Rotary clinic, volunteers participate from other service organizations such as Lions clubs, health care organizations and the general public.

90 Second Intro

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Accommodations - Family run motel 2 miles from clinic on the edge of an apple orchard.


Robert Yudkin

Elsa Branson

Isabel Schmitt



Over 60,000 People's Lives Improved Because of Tom, His Passion, and all of Us that he Inspired to Share His Dream to Help People and Improve Their Lives.

Clinic Successfully Reopens After 22 Month

COVID shut us down 2 weeks before our spring 2020 clinic. It devasted both our volunteers and patients.

Finally, after 22 months of dormancy, we reopened the week of August 23rd with COVID protocols in place. Patients must have been fully vacinated and tested negative. American volunteers had COVID tests before heading to Mexico. Everyone was masked. Space was reimagined and distances maintained. Volunteer numbers were reduced and health care professionals experienced with COVID protocols handled roles previously performed by non-medical people.

As a result, 224 people regained their vision without anyone getting infected thanks to a dedicated team of 

  • 4 American optometrists,
  • 2 American Ophthalmologists,
  • 6 Mexican Ophthalmologists, plus
  • a team of Americans and Mexicans who supported the medical team over a 3 1/2 day period.

(See pictures from the clinic under the Photos Tab)

Walter Branson

Luis Cabrera

Tom Pruett, OD


Mexican Administrator



Next Clinic 
Monday Oct 25 returning Sunday October 31

The fall clinic will be organized similarly to the August clinic with COVID protocols in place, We will limit the number of volunteers and again restrict our services provided primarily to cataract surgeries. 

We are looking for American volunteers for the following roles.

  • Optometrists (4-5)
  • Ophthalmologists (1-3, experienced with dense cataracts)
  • 2-3 Scrub techs
  • 1-2 Circulators
  • 1-3 Translators (English/Spanish)

Cost to volunteer is $385 plus the cost of airfare. The volunteer fee includes ground transportation in Mexico, shared lodging in Mexico, just about all of your meals, AND the T-shirt. Today's (9/11) costs on American Airlines from Houston to Chihuahua (airport code CUU) ranged from $507 to $771.

To Volunteer or with questions, contact

Robert Yudkin    214-213-6808 or

Walter Branson  979-236-1970